Glenn Leach: I'm Here To Help!

When it comes to largest investment most of us will ever make, trust is important. That is why I place such a high value on personal relationships with my clients. Many of you came to me in the first place either because a friend recommended me or because you've seen my work in the community.  Recommendations are the highest compliment anyone could ever give me.  And having community organizations who send me clients because they KNOW they can trust me to always do my best is too important to me to ever take lightly.


My promise to you is to always treat your questions and inquiries with honesty and integrity.  I want you to have the BEST loan products and advice possible.  And my job is to make sure that I am the best source for these loans products and that I stay up-to-date on what is happening in the markets.


I work for a GREAT company.  They want to be #1 in every market we serve, and they want to do that the right way - through hard work and offering great products from great people.  They support my efforts 100% - even when many of the special assistance loan products I specialize in aren't the most profitable ones to do.  They believe every client should have the best loan possible - and so do I.  It is a great fit and I'm proud to represent Guild Mortgage!

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